Our team of seasoned real estate specialists in the domains of residential Original Sales, Re-sale and Leasing of premium condominiums built by the finest developers of Gurgaon combined with our extensive research, market intelligence and excellent track record of over 15 years have helped our clients create unmatched value for their Residential investments across a wide range of Residential investment options - Ultra luxury condominiums, Plots, Apartments, Exquisite villas and Luxurious Builder floors.

We follow a highly professional approach that is underpinned by Quality, Best Practices, Market Intelligence and a thorough understanding of documentation, which helps our clients make sound, secure and Rewarding investment decisions.


Through a constant eyes & ears on the ground approach and extensive market reach we understand our clients' expectations and come up with innovative Commercial Real Estate Solutions that help them align their business objectives with their real estate portfolios. We help our valued clients in creating innovative assets across a wide spectrum of Commercial assets such as Office Commercial & IT buildings, Malls & high-street Retail, Restaurants, Industrial units etc.

Unlike residential investments, Commercial rented assets ensure a steady flow of monthly income and the freedom to capitalize and divest at any given point of time. We have extensive access to the market resources and are committed to partnering with our clients in creating commercial assets which add significant long term value to their portfolios.

Consulting and Portfolio Management

We understand our clients' expectations and come up with innovative real estate solutions that help them align their Objectives with their Real estate portfolios.

We advise clients from different walks of life, whether you are a young professional starting to build on the property ladder, or wanting to sell a large asset and reinvest in multiple high return investments, or a seasoned investor looking for low risk and high return propositions, or you are simply planning to consolidate your assets and building up a manageable portfolio of multiple commercial and residential properties, we understand our clients requirements and align real estate strategies according to their specific needs. Given our breadth of reach in the USA, UK and the Middle East we can cater to our clients needs at home away from home.

Corporate Leasing & Relocation services

Our team of experienced leasing and orientation professionals are experts in finding the right solutions for Expatriates, CXO's and HNI Businessmen looking for quality & high-end residential solutions in Gurgaon.

We have extensive experience in corporate office leasing and we beleive in Building Relationships and Delivering to the highest quality standards and best practices demanded by top Indian and Multinational Companies. Over the years we have been assisting corporate occupiers with development and implementation of their Real estate Expansion, Relocation and Consolidation strategies in both Commercial as well as Residential side.

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